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Our Process

Do you have a dream wedding or big event you wish to make a reality but not quite sure where to start? At Emma Corrie Designs, our process of bringing to life your special day is simple and we’re with you every step of the way.

1. Event Design :: Vision Crafting

• The entire process begins with a free client consultation at our design studio, which provides both the client and our design team with the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better. It also allows us to get a sense of the client’s style, taste and wishes for their special day.
• This initial sharing of information is the spring from which the entire process will flow, as our team will use this as the cornerstone for the overall design.
• This meeting is also a very important first step in establishing a working relationship, as we set off together on our journey towards the big day.

2. Event Coordination :: Assembling the Puzzle

• Once the design has been finalized and the budget approved, our team will then begin the process of ensuring that all of the necessary elements have been booked, purchased or produced for the big day.
• Deposits are paid on behalf of the client to all external vendors that have been sub-contracted
(transportation, catering, floral, etc.) and the client is kept abreast of any developments that may impact on the original plan.
• Design modifications are made in consultation with the client, in order to ensure that there is a shared understanding of the final objective at all times.

3. Event Execution :: Memories Are Made of This

• The wedding day is usually fraught with both excitement and tension, so we see our role as removing the burden of worry from the shoulders of the bride and groom and ensuring the flawless execution of the many varied aspects of the day.
• To put it simply: the bride and groom’s job on the day is simply to get married, everything else is our responsibility.
• This responsibility includes ensuring that when the newlywed couple and their guests depart at the end of the night, the memories they take with them of this special day are ones that will last a lifetime.

Additional Services

• Wedding Favours– Assisting in sourcing unique wedding favours
• Welcome Gifts – sourcing and putting together welcome gifts bags or baskets filled with information about the island and useful product such as sunscreen, slippers, mosquito spray etc
• Website – Assisting couples with important and relevant information about the Island for their website